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Why my child should attend iMyque Code Academy?
Imagine your child at age 9 already having the skills that were used to build great organizations and products like Microsoft, Yahoo, Twitter, Google and Facebook that shaped this generation.

You may have observed that software is becoming a critical layer of all our lives. It is the language of our world. In the future, not knowing the language of computers will be as challenging as being illiterate or innumerate today.

At iMyque Code Academy we don't just teach children how to work with a computer, we also teach them how to put the computer to work, by communicating instructions to the computer with programming languages. We give your child the perfect opportunity to create the technology of the future and not just become a passive consumer of the technologies other have created.

Your child at iCA would be certified as a programmer after completion of the full course, which includes several hands-on classroom & online activities and Internship at our partnering intern firms.

Where is iMyque Code Academy currently based?
In partnership with Open Stages Incentives, our current ultra modern academy (training centre) is located at 7th Floor, 23 Adogogba Avenue Off ParkView, ParkView Estate Gerard Road  Ikoyi, Lagos.

At what age can my child start attending iMyque Code Academy?
Your child at age 9 can start learning to code and become a programmer.

When are these classes held?
Our academy currently runs every Saturday from 9am to 2pm including breaks.

What is the pre-requisite knowlege to join iMyque Code Academy?
No prior knowledge of programming is required. You child only needs to be farmiliar with use of a mouse and keyboard. Your child should come with a laptop.

What will my child learn at iMyque Code Academy?
We will introduce your child to the basic concepts of programming using visual tools and then move on to skills that are used to build real-world software.

What will by child benefit from attending iMyque Code Academy?
Teaching kids to code is not about programming itself, it is about;

  • Promoting Creativity & Curiosity
  • Teaching persistence
  • Problem solving & thinking skills
  • Giving a sense of how to they can create technology
  • Understanding of cause and effect
  • Giving your child an early start to a bright potential future career
  • Internationally recognized certificates

How do I register my child?
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