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Kids & Teens Learn to Code at HICC, Lagos

October 21, 2016

Great inventions and innovations today strived on, despite yesterday’s criticism and impossibilities. These times we live in – moments we breathe in the toxic air of negativism and pettiness as though today is all tomorrow has to offer. The blind spot has become our only spot and ignorance is bliss for mediocre. It’s far easier to sit back and do nothing than to push on notwithstanding the frequency of the wind. Times are indeed changing and those without the discipline and character to persist in the process of engineering change would not only be forgotten by history but would have no relevance in the future.

These echoes aren’t just thought processes, they are the fibre through which the essence of greatness emerges. Right there, through the break of smile from the children’s faces after hours of tasking their minds to push on through the huddles and pretentious limitations were glimpses of sparks. Sparks so pure it was forever going to be impossible to ignore. Sparks so hot that it burnt every forest of doubt and pessimism from the minds of these kids.

iMyque Code Academy teach kids to code at Harvesters International Christian Centre (HICC), Lekki churchTo them, it wasn’t just learning how to code, it was learning how to never give up in the face of difficulty. Learning how to be creative thinkers drawing inspirations from outside the box. It was to them a lesson that no matter how small or large a piece is, it has an overwhelming contribution in value to the sum. Believing in themselves that they possess what it takes not only to compete globally but also to contribute to humanity immensely.

How often do we rest the fate of tomorrow on the shoulders of these little ones without equipping them with the necessary tools that will empower them to mould a future we anxiously desire? Surprisingly to some, the future only responds to the seeds of today. The constant vibration of our lips expressed in positive words, the clapping of hands as encouragement and the knowledge of tomorrow’s language are great stimulants these children require to, against all odds, become part of world shapers in the future.

To us at the Code Academy, it isn’t just hardware and software. It is a platform through which every spark can be ignited and enhanced into a phenomenon. It is a privilege to witness the transformation of these young minds from impossibilities to unending possibilities. It is an investment in these children that would over and again pay up immensely not only in the long run, but starting from the immediate – in the way they think and see the world. Proffering solutions rather than banter about the problem. The way forward isn’t to ignore them (children) but to ensure that the right skill sets are acquired for a far more technologically driven world. Learning how to write computer language isn’t the end but a means to unimaginable possibilities. It’s a process that positions our children for a better tomorrow not just to be passive consumers of modern technology, but to be developers of it. In whatever field they find themselves, we want to ensure they have the right skill set to be relevant.

Such was our experience with kids and teens at Harvesters International Christian Centre, Lekki Church, Lagos.

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